SABEG Company has been established as a general trading company in the beginning of 2000 in Baghdad – IRAQ.

    SABEG considered as one of the leading supplier of food, industrial materials and machinery and equipment's in IRAQ.

    We supplied many Iraqi markets and companies with:

    1- Food

     As our main activity now is in food sector, it’s as below:

    All kind of food specially Frozen Meats as Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Buffalo, and Fish, Eggs and all kind of Dairy Products, all kind of Fruits like Orange, Banana, and Pineapple… etc, all kind of Grains and Wheat, Sugar, cooking Oil…etc. 

    We have freezing storage for capacity of 3700 ton for frozen foods and refrigerating storage for capacity of 3500 ton for ripening Fruits and for cooled foods, and we have storage for capacity of 75000 ton for Grains and Wheat, Sugar…etc.

    2- Industrial materials and goods 

    All kinds of detergents and industrial materials and goods.

    3- Machinery and Equipments

    A - Electrical equipment's from global companies.

    B - Generator sets.

    C - Vehicles and Cooled Stores. D – Pumps and water pumps.

    E - Various types of heavy equipment's, machinery’s and vehicles.

    F - Medical equipment's.

    We work very hard to rebuild Iraq after the War.


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